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Our story

Why floating?     Why now?    Why Stafford?

Having seen a two page infomercial in ‘Loaded’ magazine (R.I.P.) – about this therapy called Floatation – which had amazing effects for back pain, muscular aches and migraines, there was only going to be one thing that would happen….

I tracked down the only centre in the UK (at that time) and booked myself in.

What I found after my first session…

The effects were nothing short of amazing. It was the first time in nearly 20 years I had no pain at all in my back.

Other strange things happened on that fateful day.

When I left the centre, everything looked brighter and the London air smelt fresher.

I walked for miles (for people that knew me then, they couldn’t believe it.)

Not only that, I could think so clearly – so much so that I visualised 80% of the concept of a new business I was starting to set up at that time. (If you want to know more, ask me next time you visit.)

It’s safe to say I had a good experience!

How my Floatation journey evolved…


I started floating every time I could when I was in London, and even though each and every time the floatation experience was different, certain things were constant; my back felt better, my posture was straighter and my thought process was always more positive. It was on the train back home after one such session that I asked myself the fateful question, “this is amazing – why isn’t there a floatation centre nearer home? I would go all the time….” The seed was planted.

Ever since Saturday November 6th 2010, that thought never left me.

In spite of having a successful career in Event Management, I found myself researching Floatation more and more.

Using the power of Social media (I admit it, I am a tweetaholic) it was soon apparent how quickly the industry was growing, and more importantly, how many people with life debilitating illnesses were benefiting from Floatation. The level of support within the industry shocked me; so many centre owners have gone out of their way to provide support, practical tips, even down to preferential suppliers – all this, from people who in any other industry would be considered ‘competitors.’

isopod - open hatch

By late summer 2014 there was still nowhere within 60 miles of Stafford.

A conscious decision was made;

I had to act. I had to do something…..

After 12 months of several near misses, lots of tears, blood and sweat, Time to Float is here – and I cannot wait to share with you the therapy that is being described as ‘the perfect treatment,’ and has been rated in the top 5 spa trends for 2015 & 2016.

Mark, Company Director

Mark Smethurst,

Company Director

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