Below is a quote from a Fibromyalgia sufferer-


“I suffer from a disease, Fibromyalgia, that is rare for a man. Fibromyalgia is normally found in women, It’s a muscle disorder and at times it is debilitating. I was introduced to the Floatation centre, and after a 1 hour session I felt totally tension free. With the tension and stress gone so were the aches and pains from the Fibromyalgia. I took another session about 4 days later and felt so at ease I went to sleep.


floatation is relaxation


what else is amazing is that I am also claustrophobic, but felt no closed-in feeling despite the size of the tanks. I will continue to use floatation centres because they work so well for me.” – Mike Newby




If you suffer from the effects of Fibromyalgia, why not incorporate floatation therapy to try to help alleviate the pain? Book a session now