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Floating for pregnant women – relaxing for mother and child

Hovering like a baby in the womb.

Which expectant mother has not this wishful thinking? Once so feel like the kid in you. Weightless floating in body temperature fluid, in complete security. An increasing number of gynecologists and obstetricians recommend floating during pregnancy because both mother and child demonstrably benefit from it.

Scientific evidence points to the Gerhirnwellen who develop adult when floating, the brain waves that prevail in the prenatal stage, enormously similar. Neuropsychology even assumes that the Unterbewußstsein of adults during floating actually recalls this phase, even though this information is on the level of consciousness long forgotten.

Backache. Floating creates relief.

In most cases, it is the highly stressed spine of pregnant women, which is why specialists and professionals recommend float. backache especially towards the end of pregnancy is for many women a serious problem. Just as creating floating a real relief. To put the body just once in the state of weightlessness and to drift completely relaxed. Hovering in the brine bath is a treat for expectant mothers and the baby can feel the gentle, soothing movements. In addition float ensures uniform circulation and reduces edema in the arms and legs, as the lymph flow is significantly increased.

High demand for magnesium during pregnancy.

Another benefit of Solebads for mother and child is the high concentration of magnesium salt that is absorbed through the skin during a floating session in large quantities, so that the additional intake of magnesium is not necessary as a rule.

Targeted reduction of stress hormones.

A special effect of floating is that the relief of the nervous system, stress hormones are reduced clearly measurable. Stress also plays in pregnancy due to the changed body and life situation a considerable role. Stress reduction by floating is mother and the unborn child benefit.

Increased awareness of the sense organs.

What float is also causing the increased perception of sensory organs. Studies have shown that the senses sharpen around 30%. While a floating session you will experience directly how increasing the perception of one’s body, which of expectant mothers by proximity is perceived particularly intensively to her baby.

… And after pregnancy?


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