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You are an artist.  You create, or compose or choreograph.  You are giving a presentation tomorrow, or perhaps playing an audition.  That nervous feeling is back in your stomach, and you can’t sleep.  Writer’s block hits and you begin to pace.  Where are the ideas?  The phone keeps ringing and children clamor for your attention.  There is no time to focus.


Now imagine yourself alone, floating effortlessly in warm water.  All is quiet and dark.  The nervousness slowly subsides and your body relaxes.  You have all the time in the world, and you can slow down.  Suddenly ideas come to you- a new step sequence, your next chapter, the title for your poem.


Floatation Therapy is increasingly being used by artists and professionals who want to work through a creative block or improve their performance – several famous authors (including Michael Crichton) have used Floatation when they have suffered the dreaded ‘writers block.’

During Floatation Therapy, the brain is freed from sensory input.  There is no light, sound, touch, not even the pull of gravity.  You enter the theta wave state and produce slower brain-wave patterns normally experienced just before falling asleep or during deep meditation.  This state often brings sudden insights, creative inspirations and clear imagery.


The theta wave state also enables “Super-learning”, the ability to focus and absorb information quickly.   The floatation tank is equipped with a stereo system.  Students, executives, musicians and dancers can play audio recordings of material that needs to be learned, while visualizing their presentations in a relaxed state.



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