Compression Boot Therapy

Discover the benefits of our Compression Boot Therapy at our Floatation Therapy Center.


The first step of the process with all our treatments is to enter a state of recovery through our proven techniques.


Our relaxation stage encourages the body and mind regenerate and practice mindfulness. What’s more, this aids our revitalisation stage ensuring you fulfil your maximum experience. 


The final part of the process is for you to begin your revitalisation process, bringing a total lifestyle and wellbeing revamp.

Have you tried Compression Boot Therapy?

Our new method to achieving total muscle recovery…

What is Compression Boot Therapy

Recovery is a critical part of training as it is used to minimise the risk of overtraining and injury, whilst promoting physical and psychological benefits, allowing you to continue building denser muscle groups. This becomes particularly important during intense training or competition periods to sustain an optimal state of performance, making sure you are constantly hitting new personal bests..

Being able to utilise compression boot therapy means we can tap into an area of recovery which is on the rise meaning you get better results much faster. 

How does Compression Boot Therapy work?

By consistently applying pressure to the leg, the brain mimicks the behaviour of a workout which means it increases the blood flow and oxygen to that specific which decreases inflammation and swelling meaning you are able to recover the micro-muscle tears faster, making sure you can achieve those goals all year round.

What are the major health benefits?

There are so many health benefits when it comes to using the compression boot therapy. Many people have stated they have seen a great increase in blood flow around the body, less nausea when going about their daily tasks, less swelling and some have stated that it has helped in getting rid of ulcers. Why not give it a try today!

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We promise you won’t regret it.

Pneumatic Compression Therapy  

£ 15 .00

20 minute session

  • Better Blood Flow
  • Less Swelling
  • Prevention from Varicose Veins

Pneumatic Compression Therapy – Companion Session

£ 20 .00

20 minute sessions

  • Less Nausea
  • Healing Leg Ulcers
  • Lower risk of Blood Cots