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CoronaVirus – an update from Time to Float

I wanted to update you personally about the changes that we have implemented at Time to Float, in line with the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are continuously monitoring Government and other pertinent heath websites, and also seeking support from our world wide float family, to gauge what they are also doing to combat this situation.

These may be subject to change if the government guidance changes, however these are our current practises to safeguard against Covid-19:

Cleaning –
Our Float pods have an automatic cleaning process which is so thorough. Coronavirus cannot survive in water, especially with the large amounts of Epsom Salt in each of our pods – we are of course utilising anti-bacterial spray in-between every client for any surfaces within our float rooms.

Infrared Sauna –
our sauna is thoroughly wiped after every client – but with temperatures up to 75 degrees, coupled with the oxygen ioniser that is used between sessions, should mean the virus doesn’t stand much of a chance of surviving in there.

Massage rooms –As standard we always change the bed linen after every client we now wipe the couch and any surfaces also.

All surfaces are cleaned daily by the team. Plus we have implemented a 2 hour checking & cleaning process of communal areas, which includes handles, door knobs and any surfaces which may have been touched.

Touching –
we are guided by you at the moment, but we will not approach clients to shake hands or hug in the current environment. We promise, we’re not being stand offish!

Hand Sanitiser –
washing your hands thoroughly is obviously much better, but we will be introducing hand sanitiser.

Cold-Like symptoms –
IF we develop any of the major symptoms we will not come into Time to float.
We respectfully suggest the same to you as a client – if you have any doubts about how you feel and your floatation session, please contact us immediately.

Voucher redemption –
If you are a current voucher recipient and you have a voucher that is due to expire imminently, we will consider all cases should there be a situation where sessions will need to be postponed. We will look favourably to extending these vouchers at no extra charge in those scenarios.

We will continue to remain open, unless we are forced to close by our Government – but we will keep you informed both via email and social media sites.

This is an incredibly tricky time for all businesses, but even more so for small businesses, whose livelihoods are linked to being able to stay open and trade.

Like you we have never experienced anything similar to this before, and hope never to have to do so again. By adopting a ‘Keep calm and carry on’ approach we feel we are serving you best, and will continue to do so until there is more positive news about this virus.

We feel we are doing everything possible to make sure the environment is as safe as possible for you, however if you have any suggestions please do let us know.

Many Thanks

Mark & the Time to Float Team.

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