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First Visit

When you arrive

For your first floatation session, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment so that you can complete our health declaration forms, and give you a tour of the centre. 
We will explain the process and answer any questions you may have – It is completely normal to feel some nerves before your first float – but we will only leave you once you feel comfortable and confident! 


firstly, check in at reception

Before Your Float Session


 Onto the main event.


Remove all clothes and jewellery and make up (we supply make up wipes for you)

Insert your earplugs and take a thorough shower in order to remove all oils, fragrances, and products you may have on your body or in your hair. The act of showering also starts the relaxation process!


After your shower, dry your face and slowly enter the tank.

During your session


Sit down in the pod, then lie back and stretch out, and off you go!!


The best tip we can offer – find a position that feels comfortable, as quick as possible, and try to stay in it.

Once you have found this position, begin to take deep breathes to help you get settled. It takes a little time to become comfortable, but once you allow yourself to relax and disconnect from the busyness of life, we promise you will never look back…

floatation is relaxation

After your session

When its time to get out (and let the next person have their slice of relaxation!) have a quick shower, to wash all the salt from your hair/body, and then move on to ‘the recovery room.’

You can drop your towels off here, as well make your self look as fabulous as you feel, with our vanity area, including hairdryers and beauty products. When you are ready, come back through to our reception area.

Post Float relaxation


Complimentary water is provided in our chill out area, to help you re-hydrate after your session.

Take time to readjust, before re-joining the outside world. Stay as little or as long as you like, we’re happy to discuss your session with you, or leave you to enjoy your post-float bliss…
Just don’t forget to book your next session before you leave!

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