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So we want you to “Float More.

We are really excited to launch our new reward scheme, and tell you more about it.

Designed to reward your loyalty, its called ‘Float More‘, in the main because that’s what we want to gently encourage you to do!

What is it?

Float more is both a reward and a loyalty scheme, that also rewards you for taking the time to interact with Time to Float.

What does it do?

Its a points based system, that has been designed so that you can earn from two different ways.

Once you have registered with us, you will be issued with a unique referral code. The more people you share this code with (who then come to Time to Float) the more points you will earn. Best of all, the people who you refer to us will get a discount by quoting your code too!

Float more at Time to Float

Now for the really cool stuff….

We will also add points to your Float More account when you interact with us on your social media accounts.

How does it work?

By registering for ‘Float More‘ we will credit your account with 1000 points.

Once you are registered, you will receive your unique referral code – for everyone who books a session using this code will get a discount of £10, and you will earn another 1000 points.

When you ‘check in’ at Time to Float on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, we will credit your account with more points.

If you leave us a review on Google, or the above mentioned sites – yep more points.

We are currently beta testing other cool ways for you to earn more points, we will email you when these become available…


When you have earned 5,900 points you will get an email, offering you a complimentary Floatation session! Don’t stop there though – that friend at the gym whose muscles are hurting, or your work colleague who has seen how good you look, and want to know your secret…give them your code as we want you receiving more of these complimentary sessions. You need to Float More!


So what are you waiting for? Register now…

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