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Floating Beyond Hydrotherapy: what could possibly work better?


In the world of wellness, Hydrotherapy has long been a trusted practice within the NHS, to address a range of physical ailments. However, we believe there’s a hidden gem quietly making waves in the relaxation scene – Floatation Therapy.

While we acknowledge there are benefits for the use of hydrotherapy, let’s delve into why Floatation therapy offers a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond the conventional treatment.

The entry level treatment for hydrotherapy:

Hydrotherapy involves using water for therapeutic purposes, with health professionals harnessing its healing properties for conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and stress relief. It’s tried, tested, and undoubtedly beneficial.

But is Hydrotherapy the best tool for these conditions?

Time To Float - Floatation Therapy
(A typical hydrotherapy session for NHS users)

Enter Floatation therapy, an immersive experience that takes relaxation to unprecedented levels – unlocking benefits that go beyond what hydrotherapy alone can achieve.

Epsom Salt Bliss:

Both therapies leverage the benefits of water on the human (and sometimes Equine – it’s great for horses!) but the floatation session has one massive trump card to play: the touch of Epsom salt. Known for its muscle-relaxing properties, Epsom salt complements the weightlessness of the float, leaving you with a sense of rejuvenation that goes beyond skin-deep.

Mindful Escape:

In the sensory deprivation tanks provided at Time to Float, you’re gently cut off from the outside world – no distractions, no noise. This unique setting allows your mind to effortlessly recharge, that goes beyond what hydrotherapy offers. The result? Enhanced mental clarity, reduced stress, and a renewed sense of well-being.

Total Mind-Body Harmony:

While hydrotherapy focuses on physical relief, Floatation therapy also embraces the mind-body connection on a holistic level. The tranquil environment helpings disconnect from the stresses of daily life and reconnect with your inner self. It’s more than just a ‘soak in a tub’; it’s a journey towards harmony.


While hydrotherapy remains a valuable tool in the wellness arsenal, Floatation therapy at Time to Float emerges as a tranquil oasis, offering an experience that surpasses the conventional Hydrotherapy sessions. Our gravity-defying pods, coupled with the mindful escape of sensory deprivation, create a 60 minute journey that rewards the user with deeper relaxation, mental clarity, and total mind-body harmony. Discover the magic of floatation therapy – it’s not just a dip; it’s a dive into tranquility.

Bonus tip:

Don’t forget to ask the friendly staff at Time to Float about session package discounts. You’ll be surprised at the value you will gain from any of their available packages.


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