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The benefits of regular Far Infra Red Sauna sessions

why you should use FIR Sauna & book now!!

Increased energy and better circulation

Invigorating your body at a cellular level, using the sauna will cause penetrate deep into your muscles and organs, which then react by increasing your pulse, resulting in improved circulation and blood flow.

Beautiful skin

By increasing blood circulation, your body becomes better at carrying great amounts of nutrients to the skin, which result in beautiful texture and tone. Bye bye blemishes.

Weight loss

Although this is not promoted as an exclusive weight loss method, the increased blood circulation can cause a faster metabolic rate, which can aid in the process of losing weight. It is important, however, that you stay hydrated throughout your session, by drinking 3-4 cups of water in a 30 minute session. You may lose a few pounds in the session through just moisture loss alone, and it is important you replace your fluids to stay hydrated.

Cardiovascular health

Getting your heart rate up and carrying more blood and oxygen around the body is crucial for overall general health. If you struggle to physically complete the task of running, swimming etc. the infra-red sauna is a great way to still get all the benefits. By getting the heart rate up, you still burn calories during your sessions, having the same effect on your heart as physical strenuous exercise. Healthy heart = healthy you!

Other amazing benefits of the sauna include:

  • Acne reduction
  • Pain relief and recovery from physical sprains and strains
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Eczema reduction
  • Boosted immune system
Single session
(£15.00 - 2 people)
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pack of 3 sessions
(£39.00 - 2 people)
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Pack of 10 sessions
(£100.00 - 2 people)
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