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Ionic Foot Detoxification

What is Ionic Detoxification?

Passing a very mild electrical current through the saline solution (have you noticed how much we love salty water?) this helps to remove toxins and fats from your body.

How do we do this?

The electromagnetic field that is created by the water electrolysis penetrates into the body and draws any soluble toxins out of your body, and this is through the greatest surface area available – your feet. With over 1100 pores in your feet, the toxins naturally escape into the water. This creates the different colours you see in the above pictures, and also  highlights the areas that your body is suffering most. The body has fewer toxins to fight off, which automatically means that you should feel less sluggish, as there is less stress on the organs.

This treatment helps to overcome the effects of trauma and improves your bio-energetic field.

What happens during a treatment?

Ionic foot detox - 4 stages of the treatment

Simply place your feet in the saline solution in the spa, and relax whilst a gentle current is passed through the water, and works its magic on your internal organs! Enjoy some complimentary mineral water and relax, the next 30 minutes will drift gently by, before our system signals the end of your session.

Feel free to marvel at how the water change colour when the toxins and fats are drawn out your body – and silently make yourself the promise not to leave it so long to make your insides feel as good as you do!



A regular course of treatments really does offer you a simple long-term solution to the stresses and strains that we put on our bodies, but don’t fear – you can book your next session at any time, as Ionic detoxification sessions are available 7 days a week.

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single session
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(Please note: the number of sessions required for optimum health will differ from person to person, as will the amounts of toxins/fats removed from each individual person. Further treatments will vary according to each individual’s needs, how long a particular health condition has lasted and how quickly the body is able to respond. We are on hand to help you make the right decisions on how often you will require this treatment.)