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We all have mental health.

But not all of us live with good mental health.⠀

Time To Float - Floatation Therapy

Suicidal thoughts (or attempts) do not always have a clear reason. Suicide is not a cry for attention, and people who say they want to end their lives should be taken very seriously – 1 in 5 people have thought about suicide at some time in their life.⠀

Not all people who die by suicide have mental health problems at the time they die. Not everyone who has attempted suicide wants to die. Sometimes, they just can’t foresee living another day of their life.⠀ Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 and accounts for more deaths than road traffic accidents and assaults put together!

The stigma surrounding suicide is still very real and there’s still more to be done to let people know that it’s okay not to be okay, and reaching out is not a sign of weakness.⠀⠀

Whether you are struggling or supporting someone who is, make sure you reach out and stay connected – People shouldn’t have to wait until they reach crisis, to receive support with their mental health. We can all make a difference to others, who have reached the point of wanting to end their lives…

But why is a Floatation Therapist blogging about Mental Health on National Suicide Prevention Day?
We at Time to Float know that Floatation Therapy is extremely good at providing relief for people suffering from poor mental health. The opportunity to rest and recharge, free from mobile phones, social media and other people gives the brain chance to recover, in safe surroundings.

If you are not in a good place and are in need of urgent support, we urge you to contact our partners Kaleidoscope Plus Group – you can text them by texting “TEAMKPG” to 85258, and a trained crisis volunteer will text you back. It’s free, available 24/7 and confidential.


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