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Mark Smethurst 

Want to know the face behind Time To Float? Meet Mark.

Meet Mark Smethurst, the visionary founder behind Time to Float—a space born out of a genuine desire to uplift and support individuals on their wellness journeys. Mark’s journey into the world of floatation therapy began with a passion for holistic well-being and a belief in the transformative power of relaxation.

Driven by a commitment to helping people navigate the stresses of modern life, Mark envisioned a sanctuary where individuals could escape, unwind, and experience the profound benefits of floating. Time to Float, under Mark’s guidance, has evolved into the longest-standing and pioneering floatation therapy centre in the West Midlands.

Mark’s mission extends beyond creating a business; it’s about fostering a community centered around self-care, mental wellness, and a holistic approach to health. With a genuine commitment to providing a haven for relaxation and recovery, Mark Smethurst continues to shape Time to Float into a space where individuals can find solace, tranquility, and a pathway to a healthier, more balanced life.

Mark Smethurst - Time To Float

Our mission statement

At Time to Float, our mission is crystal clear: to stand as the foremost floatation centre, setting the gold standard in wellness and recovery care. We are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled experience, where each float is a journey towards rejuvenation and balance.

With a commitment to the highest standards, we strive to be the go-to destination for those seeking not just relaxation, but a transformative escape that nurtures both body and mind. Our mission is to lead the way in the realm of wellness, fostering a community where optimal health and recovery are not just goals but a way of life. Welcome to Time to Float, where excellence meets serenity on your path to well-being.

The history of Time To Float

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Step into the pages of Time to Float’s remarkable history, where tranquility meets innovation, and a commitment to well-being has been unwavering since our inception. Established as the very first floatation therapy center in the vibrant West Midlands, our journey unfolds as a narrative of pioneering spirit and dedication to introducing a revolutionary practice to the community.

In the early days, when floatation therapy was a novel concept, Time to Float emerged as a trailblazer, setting the stage for a new era of relaxation and stress relief. Our founders envisioned a sanctuary where individuals could escape the hustle and bustle of modern life, immerse themselves in a weightless experience, and discover the myriad benefits of floating.

What sets Time to Float apart is not just the vision but the resilience that has made us the longest-standing floatation therapy center in the West Midlands. Over the years, we’ve witnessed countless stories of transformation, heard the sighs of relief, and seen the smiles of individuals who have found solace within our tranquil walls.

Our history is intertwined with the growth of a community that values self-care and mental wellness. From our humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of well-being in the region, Time to Float has evolved into more than just a wellness center—it’s a haven for those seeking a respite from the demands of life.

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Our Floating Client’s Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our clients have to say about using our floatation therapy centre…

“A relaxed, friendly atmosphere awaited me and the float itself was lovely. I left feeling quite invigorated yet relaxed and slept really well that night and the following nights (after months of sleeping issues). Would recommend.”


Chronic Fatigue

” I have noticed some immediate improvements mentally in terms of assisting clarity of thought – on a range of subjects, reduced anxiety, calmness of manner and thinking and reduced feels of stress.”


Company Director

“The whole experience was everything that I anticipated with much more. The Floatation was lovely, just the thought of escaping into that little bubble again brings me quite a lot of comfort! As for afterwards, I found that I was very calm, very relaxed. I’d noticed how a lot of my anxiety “ticks” – jigging of my knees, rubbing my legs etc had come to a complete halt.My sleep was excellent, slept through the night uninterrupted”