Sensory deprivation pod

Joe Rogan’s
float experience

Joe Rogan speaks frequently on his podcast about floating and the benefits he has had from it. This particular video from the “The Joe Rogan Experience” which highlights just how powerful floatation therapy is and he personal experience whilst floating.

Floatation Therapy

Epsom salts and their benefits

Sensory Deprivation focuses on the reduction of our three main senses: sight, hearing and touch. By doing so, it allows our brain enter a state of relaxation and solitude resulting in our body being able to repair any aches or pains.

There’s no “what if’s” just scientific research and proven studies that show how our anatomy reacts to the Epsom Salts. For years professionals have studied how our bodies relax, from reactions in our frontal lobe to the triggers in our prefrontal cortex.

How do i float effortlessly?

It’s all in the Epsom Salts!

 When our Epsom Salts are mixed with water they create a super, saturated solution within our sensory deprivation pods which is twice as dense as the ocean, which allows individuals to float effortlessly.

what do they combat?

Epsom Salts help to tackle muscle cramping and lactic acid build up, whilst also topping up the bodies depleted Magnesium reserves. Resulting in individuals being able to meditate easier and therefore will reach a deeper level of mindfulness.

what are they made of? 

With Magnesium being the second biggest element in the body, maintaining the correct magnesium levels is crucial for improved health and wellbeing. Our Epsom Salts are made up of magnesium sulphate which allows our body to flush out toxic enzymes like Cortisol and replace them with stress-busting endorphins.

Are they harmful?

No, Epsom Salts are not harmful to the body whilst experiencing floatation therapy.

How to prepare and start your float session

Step 1: Shower

The first step is to have a soothing shower, so everything sitting on top of the skin and in your pores can be washed off before entering the pod, whilst also relaxing the mind before your float.

Step 2: Float

You will be given a set of ear plugs, we use these to stop any irritation, water entering the ear canal and to block out any noises you may hear whilst in the pod. Lift the pod lid, enter and then close behind you, to retain that lovely warmth.

Step 3: Relax

Once you have entered the pod, there will be a button on your left to operate our gentle light system, allowing you to see around you or if you wish – to remain in totally sensory deprivation.

Behind the scenes

If you’re new to floatation therapy and want to try our sensory deprivation pods, check out this video!


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Clinically proven

Scientific research and clinical trials have proven floatation therapy and sensory deprivation can lead to improvements in a selection of medical conditions.


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