Our Spa Treatments

Discover the benefits of our spa treatments at our Floatation Therapy Center.


The first step of the process with all our treatments is to enter a state of recovery through our proven techniques.


Our relaxation stage encourages the body and mind regenerate and practice mindfulness. What’s more, this aids our revitalisation stage ensuring you fulfil your maximum experience. 


The final part of the process is for you to begin your revitalisation process, bringing a total lifestyle and wellbeing revamp.

Our spa and beauty treatments

We’ve been achieving total recovery, relaxation and revitalisation since the beginning…

Ionic foot detoxification

Detox the easy way with ionic foot detoxification.

Our unique form of body purification uses a combination of warm water, salts and negative ions to draw out toxins from the body through pores in the soles of our feet.

We recommend at least one 30-minute session every week to begin to take the pressure off your vital organs.

FIR sauna

Bringing saunas into the 21st century with FIR Sauna.

Increase your bodies circulation and improve your cardiovascular health by burning up to 600 Kcal in one session. What’s more, our FIR saunas also allow you to improve your metabolic system, leaving you with naturally beautiful glowing skin.
Suffer from Chronic Fatigue or Lyme disease? Take a look at how Infrared saunas can help you…

Cold water immersion 

Upgrading your muscle recovery.

Studies show ice baths have extreme benefits in aiding and recovering the muscle after a hard workout by decreasing recovery time.

Due to the cold water decreasing the body’s temperature it helps limit the inflammatory response therefore decreasing the amount of inflammation produced, making you recover faster.

Beauty Treatments provided by Serendipity Beauty

Eyelash lift and tint & eyebrow re-shape and tint

30 mins / 1 hour Facial

Pedicures and manicure s (Gel or Arcylic)

Female waxing & threading

Swedish, aromatherapy & indian head massage

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Treat yourself this season!

Feel beautiful and choose from our wide selection of beauty treatments – perfect if you’re wanting a little self-love.

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