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On Mothers day, do you know that feeling of excitement about buying the latest ‘must have’ thing, be it a cosmetic, new fragrance – even beauty treatment?

Did you notice how quickly it lost its appeal once you bought and started using it? It became just another possession in amongst all your other possessions.

Now lets look at experiences you have received, or that ‘once in a lifetime’ holiday you took; you know, the one you know you will never forget?

Why Experiences matter…

Compare how you felt about them both – we bet you have a much more positive feeling about the latter!

You probably value the experience more as time has passed? It will stay with you forever.

How do i know this?

Because late last year, I went on one of these trips, where I fulfilled one of my adulthood dreams (a bucket list item just doesn’t sound so appealing) and visited Macchu Picchu…

this Mothers day, take your Mother to MacchuPicchu?

So you might be thinking “what does this have to do with Mothers day?” (unless you were planning to take your mother to Peru) and it would be a fair question!

Here’s why:

Why not give your mother (or loved one) a meaningful gift, rather than another object they don’t need – What better gift than the experience of deep relaxation and relief from the hectic strains of everyday life?

Whether they are new to floating and would appreciate the relaxation, or suffer certain health conditions where we can help to ease the pain (please have a look at ‘what is floating good for‘ to find out more) floating makes a wonderful present.

One thing we know for certain, they will appreciate your gift!

To make life easier for you, we can even supply you with a gift voucher, so the most important woman in the world can pick the date that is most convenient for her. Click here or call us now to find out more…


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