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So, you now know Floatation’s amazing – but you haven’t booked yet. It sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, we understand why you could feel like that, so instead of us telling you how amazing Floatation is, why not read some of the feedback our customers have left us…..

And finally…

here are just a few comments from our customers that have been left in our ‘Visitors book’ in the chill out area…

As I do a lot of fighting my main reason was to recover, fix injuries and de-stress. I was really hoping this would help and guess what? I wasn’t disappointed at all! Recovery is superb not just after fighting but after regular training sessions as well. I felt relaxed several days after floating, injuries seem to ease up and my stress levels have gone down. I sleep like a baby ever since i have added floatation to my training regime.

-Slav, personal trainer, Stafford

Physically I felt good, as the nagging pain in my neck had gone and my muscles were relaxed. Mentally, I came out with a clear head and a sense of focus. I was impressed with how much the team knew about floating and the many benefits beyond the likes of sports injuries

– Robin, business owner,  Birmingham.

” I HAVE noticed some immediate improvements mentally in terms of assisting clarity of thought – on a range of subjects, reduced anxiety, calmness of manner and thinking and reduced feels of stress.”  

– Keith, Company Director, Eccleshall

“A relaxed, friendly atmosphere awaited me and the float itself was lovely. I left feeling quite invigorated yet relaxed and slept really well that night and the following nights (after months of sleeping issues). Would recommend.”

– Emma, Chronic Fatigue sufferer, Stafford

“It’s hard to put into words how beneficial this is for me. I am going to recommend to everyone i know. Thank you so much

– Beth, Stafford

“My second experience here, I absolutely love it. From a professional perspective it helps me massively with recovery after a match.

Mark and the team go out of their way to make sure you have an unforgettable experience. I am introducing my family and friends to this wonderful experience.

– Emily, Professional Footballer, Doncaster

“Its so good, i’m now a member! It’s A-maze-ing. It just keeps getting better and better.”

– Sandy, business owner, Stafford

The whole experience was everything that I anticipated with much more. The Floatation was lovely, just the thought of escaping into that little bubble again brings me quite a lot of comfort! As for afterwards, I found that I was very calm, very relaxed. I’d noticed how a lot of my anxiety “ticks” – jigging of my knees, rubbing my legs etc had come to a complete halt.
My sleep was excellent, slept through the night uninterrupted.

– Stuart, PTSD sufferer, Cannock

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