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Take a look at these photographs.

Which one is of our Director, Mark?

Time To Float - Floatation Therapy

At times, the answer is: both of them.

On World Mental Health Day, It feels like a good day to be completely honest….

Time To Float - Floatation Therapy

I have ups and downs like most people (as I write this, it’s fair to say that personally, I’m in the middle of a challenging time) but I have learned over the years coping strategies that work for me.

I am also very blessed that one of those strategies is available right here at Time to Float.

Floatation is an amazing way of keeping your mental health in balance. Floating naturally removes the enzyme closely aligned with stress, Cortisol, and replaces it naturally with Serotonin, the so called, “happiness chemical.”

Working with PTSD clients & people who suffer Stress, Anxiety or Depression (like our mental health ambassador @cjontheborderline) we have seen both a physical change (the look of calm and relaxation on their faces is enough to give us a small Serotonin release!) as well as a factual change (Blood pressure levels which in most cases is above average before sessions reduces to more natural levels) after just a few sessions.

For me, I float more often when I recognise my ‘triggers’ happening – I normally find peace, and usually an acceptance of the factors that are causing the mental issues at each episode, and generally feel I become a nicer version of me afterwards.

On #WorldMentalHealthDay what more could you ask for?


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